50 Years of Football

by Ned Permenter

It was 50 years ago, in 1962, that Coach Harvel Pollard convinced me to leave my coaching job at UCSB and become the varsity line coach and varsity baseball coach at Foothill High. I retired 40 years later in 2002.

That first year we had 5 football teams (Varsity, B, B reserve, C, C reserve) all trying to practice on Trojan Field, the only grass available. Now there is more grass, and three teams (Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh/Soph). The first year, the baseball team had no field for home games!

The older alumni will notice many changes from their stay at Foothill. Now there are aluminum bleachers, a press box, an electric scoreboard, stadium landscaping, a weight room, large snack bar, and crowd control fences.

The football scene has undergone many changes in terms of league play, number of games, playoff selection and bracketing. When I became head coach in 1965, the SYL consisted of only 5 teams. I remember those early coaches like Paul Briggs BHS, Turk Eliades North, Larry LaFond South, and Migs Apsit East. These were certainly dedicated WWII veterans, who put in a lot of years in this great coaching profession. I doubt if their longevity record will ever be matched in any league again.

In subsequent years, West and Highland were built and Arvin was added to bring the SYL up to 8 teams. Over the years, Bakersfield has added so many new high schools there are now three complete leagues, of different classification, in the city.

The All-Time Football Team

I was asked to pick an all-time Foothill football team for the 50th reunion. Asking a 75 year old man, who has been retired 10 years, to remember and compare all the players he has coached in 40 years, is a recipe for disaster and cannot be done without incurring the wrath of numerous players and fans. I will forego picking one all-time team in lieu of a chronological list of players who have received special recognition in their era.

I will first explain my reasoning and criteria for this option. Over the years, recognition went from all-league, to all-city, to all-area, with each step making honors tougher to attain. It was easier to make all-league and all-city when there were only five SYL teams and Garces. It was easier to be all-city with twenty schools, than it was to become all-area when all high schools in Kern County were eligible. 

In an attempt to be fair, I have based this list on a sequence combination of all league, all-city, all-area (all-valley, all-state, all-American) with some college and pro influence. In some cases, an injury projection on may be included in a “wild card” selection.

It is difficult to compare athletes of different eras because of changes in the game and coaching and philosophies. The number of games, strength of schedule, team record, division classification and playoff format are all factors as well.

In 1965, high school football was influenced by great coaches like Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant who emphasized fundamental, run oriented, “smash mouth” football. Foothill had a 9 game schedule, and won the league, but there were no playoff games then. Later, a ten game was adopted, but only one team (league champ) could go to the playoffs. Our 1973 team went 9-1, were co-champs, but stayed home from the playoffs, a travesty by the current format. Today, it is possible for multiple teams from each league to enter the playoffs and some have very average records. Thus, it is possible for current players to compile a thirteen game season of statistics to be compared against those who could have only a nine game season.

Even using this type criteria there will be problems. Were some athletes, better than those listed, be left off? Yes! Did some players go on to have better college careers than those listed? Definitely! Were all players from this 50 year period considered? No.

In the 10 years I have been retired, there have been three different coaching staffs at Foothill. I cannot assume the responsibility for selecting their deserving players by using my criteria. They may adopt any method for selecting those players they feel deserving to be listed.

Before starting, keep in mind some players were selected more than once, at different positions, and on both offense and defense. Their names will appear in chronological order only once, that being the year of last season and not the year they graduated.

50th Reunion Top Players


Art Wenter- Running Back, FHS First MVP, all-city, 865 yards in 1962

Gary Askew- Offensive Tackle, 2 time All-City player, Lineman-of-the-year 

Steve Aulman- Defensive Back, All-City 


Randy Drewry- Wide Receiver, All-City

Mike DeFoor- Offensive Lineman, All-City

Mike Ackerley- Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman, 2 time All-City player both ways, Lineman of the Year, Junior College All-American, Colorado State, coached at the college and professional level


Jim Thompson- Running Back, All-City, Bakersfield College, University of Nevada

John Ackerley- Running Back, All-City, Bakersfield College, University of Nevada, record holder at Bakersfield College with 5 interceptions in one game returning 2 for touchdowns

Mark Hultgren- Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman, All-City both ways, University of California, MVP Lineman at Cal, San Diego Charger

Frank Provensal- Defensive Lineman, All-City, Bakersfield College, University of Nevada

Steve Hubbard- Tight end/Defensive end, Two Time All-City both ways


Charlie Harris- Running Back, All-City, Washington State

Pat Pickford- Defensive Lineman, All-City, Fresno State

Mike Reber- Linebacker, All-City, University of Hawaii


John Duran- Quarterback, All-City

Weldon Kirk- Offensive Lineman, All-City, University of California

Arlo Reimert- Wide Receiver, All-City

Joe Padilla- Defensive Lineman, All-City, University of California

Neil Agness- Defensive Lineman, Junior College All-American, University of California, World Football League Hawaii Pro Football


Jim Shelton- Offensive Lineman, All-City

Mike Komin- Offensive Lineman, Bakersfield College, Fresno State University 

Ted Armijo- Wide Receiver/Defensive Back, 2nd in the Nation in interceptions with 11 for Long Beach State, Honorable Mention All-American, San Diego Chargers


Roy Carter- Tight End, All-City

Robert Soto- Offensive Lineman, All-City

Greg Hailey- Linebacker, All-Valley, West Point 

Jim Wooster- Running Back, All-City, Back-of-the-Year


Ralph Jordan- Offensive Lineman, All-City

Mike Hailey- Running Back, All-City, High School All Star Game Aloha Bowl Hawaii, University of California

Mark Newbough- Quarterback


Mark Newbrough- Quarterback, 2 time All-City, Tyack Award Winner, University of Arizona

Brian Sturz- Defensive Back, All-City, University of Arizona

Steve Bolton- Defensive Back/Wide Receiver, All-City

Lonnie Shelton- Defensive Linesman, All-City


Gary Blackford- Running Back, All-City, Back-of-the-Year

Tim Maples- Offensive Linesman, All-City

Jeff Watson- Defensive Back, All-City

Jon Des Pois- Offensive Linesman, All-City, Lineman-of-the-Year, California High School Shrine Game, Washington State

Lonnie Shelton- 2 time All-City for both Tight end/Defensive End, Selected to All American Shrine Football Game but could not play because of a basketball scholarship, Tyack Award, All American in three sports, California State Track Champion in the Discus with 195 ft 5 in, 11 years NBA all pro – Seattle Super Sonic World Champions 


Steve Acosta- Tight End, All-City 

Don Grigsby- All-City, Lineman-of-the-Year

John Clark- Offensive Lineman, All-City, Fresno State University

Bruce Scales- Quarter Back, All-City

Ron Settle- Running Back, All-City, Back-of-the-Year

Jeff Houghton- Linebacker, All-City 

Vic Claggett- Offensive Lineman, All-City

Gary Blackford- Running Back, All-City 


Steve Acosta- Tight end, 2 time All-City, University of Utah

Dan Clark- Center, All-City

Roosevelt Lewis- Defensive End, All-City, University of Utah 

Jamie Points- Defensive Back, All-City, Bakersfield College, Jr. Rose Bowl Starter 

Mike Mayberry- Defensive Linesman, All-SYL

Jeff Houghton- Linebacker, 2 time All-City, Lineman-of-the-Year, Prep All-American, USC

Gary Blackford- 3 time All-City Running Back, Led City in rushing yards for 3 years, Running back of-the-Year, Central Section Offense Leader, Bakersfield College Metro Conference Leading rushing yards on BC, Jr. Rose Bowl Champions


Greg Grimes- Running Back, All-City, Running Back-of-the-Year, University of Washington, Sunbowl, 2 Rose Bowls, Pro Football for Green Bay Packers, College Coach

Gary Harris- Wide Receiver, All-City, Tyack Award, University of Arizona

Kent Williams- Offensive Lineman, All-City, Offensive Tackle 

Dan Zauner- Offensive Lineman, All-City

John Greek- Center, Offensive Lineman, All-City

Pat Moore- Defensive Back, All-City


Scott Settle- Running Back, All-City, Running Back-of-the-Year

Kent Williams- Defensive Lineman/ Offensive Lineman, 2 time All-City for both

Frank Dorado- Defensive Back, All-City

Ron Magsby- Running Back, 2nd All-SYL, over 1000 yards, 228 play off vs Reedley


James Duran- Offensive Line, All-City


Chuck O’Brien- Running Back, All-City, Back-of-the-Year, Kern County All Star, Taft College, University of New Mexico, Turned Pro.

Scott Hunter- Offensive Tackle, All-City, Kern All-Star Team

Dan Mayberry- Defensive Lineman, All-City

Blake James- Defensive Lineman, All-City, Kern All Star Team

Keith Woolfolk- Linebacker, All-city 

Larry Clemons- Defensive Back, All-City, Kern All-Star Team, University of Oregon, Dallas Cowboys

Willie Morgan- Running Back, 2nd Team All-City, Kern All-Stars 

Kevin Baker- Offensive Lineman, 2nd Team All-City, Kern All-Star





Landon Fulmer- Running Back, All-City

Pete Lizama- Defensive Lineman, All-City 


Pete Lizama- Offensive and Defensive Lineman, Two-Time All-City (Both Off and Def), Lineman of the Year  

Greg McBrayer- Running Back, All-City

Miles Maiden- Defensive Lineman, All-City

Greg Little- Linebacker, All-City 


Matt Forry- Defensive Lineman, All-City 


Fellie Bradford- Defensive End, 1st-team SYL


Benny Lizama- Offensive Lineman, All-City, All Valley

Shan Treanor- Defensive End, All-City

Johnny Nes Smith- Linebacker, All-City

Michael Dallas- Running Back, 1st team SYL


David Nahama- Offensive Lineman, 1st team SYL


David Nahama- Offensive Lineman, two time SYL, All Area


Terry Henry- Linebacker, 1st team SYL, ALL Area

Eric Fulmer- Running Back, 2nd team All Area

Mike Denvir- Defensive Lineman, 1st team SYL

Charles Julian- Defensive Back, 1st team SYL


Mike DiMario-  Offensive Lineman, 1st team All SYL

Joe Cooper- Linebacker, 1st team SYL

Charles Julian- Defensive Back, Two time 1st team SYL

Mike Denvir- Defensive Lineman, Two time 1st team SYL

Jon Baker- Kicker, 1st team SYL


Carroll Hill- Defensive Lineman, 1st team SYL, All-Area

Jon Baker- Kicker, All Area, two time All SYL, Arizona State University, Dallas Cowboys, KansasCity Chiefs, CFL & Arena Football


Ryan Valencia- Wide Receiver, 1st team SYL, All Area

Randy Allenbaugh- Offensive Lineman, 1st team SEYL, 2nd All Area 

John Beard- Linebacker, 1st team SEYL


Jay Weibe- Wide Receiver, All Area

Heith Riley- Center, All Area

Anthony Cady- Defensive Lineman, All Area


Vic Diaz- Quarterback, All Area

Jay Wiebe- Wide Receiver, 2 time all Area

Anthony Cady- Defensive Lineman, Two time ALL Area

David Beard- Defensive Lineman, 1st team SYL, All Area, Mayor’s Trophy

Aaron Straw- Linebacker, All Area

Garrett Fontana- Linebacker, All Area

Dustin Abernathy- Defensive Back, All Area

Jason Brown- Tight End, 1st team SYL

Oscar Garza-Offensive Lineman, All City Lineman of the Year, San Jose State University

Rashaan Shehee- Running Back, All City Back of the Year, Tyack Award Winner, California Shrine All-Star Game, Set University of Washington Single Season Rushing Record, Kansas City Chiefs


Andy Puget- Wide Receiver, All Area, All State as a Defensive Back

Justin Meek- Offensive Lineman, All Area, University of Idaho

Juan Santos- Outside Linebacker, ALL Area, Athlete Scholar of the Year

Joey Porter- Tight End, 1st team All SYL

Terrance Huston- Running Back, 1st team SYL

John Martinez- Defensive Lineman, 1st team SYL

Brian Kniffen- Kicker, 1st team SYL

Nathan Sparks- Quarterback, set Bakersfield College record with 26 touchdowns, 2nd in yards gained with 1776, Boise State, Professional in British Columbia


Jose Rivera- Offensive Lineman, All Area

Trevor Reed- Center, All Area, Washington and Lee University

Abe Rivera- Offensive Lineman, Offensive Lineman, 1stteam SEYL

Sheldon Croney- 1st team SEYL

John Martinez- 2 time 1st team SEYL

Phillip Dorado- Defensive Lineman, All Area Lineman-of-the Year

Clayton Riley- Linebacker, All Area, SEYL Defensive Player-of-the Year

Joey Porter- Wingback, All SYL, two-time All Area, Rushed over a 1000 yards, 21 touchdowns, 4 punt returns for touchdowns, Colorado State, 2nd in the nation in sacks, All Pro NFL for the Pittsburg Steelers, Super Bowl Ring, Front Page of Sports Illustrated, “Toughest Man in Football”.

Phillip Brown- Running Back, All Area, over 1400 Rushing yards, 20 touchdowns, Arizona State University.


Stephen Baker- Kicker, All Area, Arizona State University

Adam Straw- Linebacker, 1st team SEYL, All Area

Ed Hurd- Defensive Back, 1st team SEYL


Stephen Baker-Kicker, All Area, High School section record of 22 field goals, longest field goal at FHS of 55 yards, 2nd in the nation in punting while at Arizona State University, at ASU holds punting average per yard at 46.2, All American 3 of 4 years at ASU and Southern Oregon, Oakland  Raiders, NFL Europe, Arena Football

Josh Ratliff- Defensive Lineman, All Area

Steve Pineda- Defensive Back, All Area, 6 interceptions in senior year

Jerald Ervin-Linebacker, 1st team SEYL

Greg Torres- Defensive Line, 1st-team SEYL


Anthony Phillips- Defensive Lineman, All Area, SEYL Defensive Player of the Year, Junior College All American

Jerald Ervin- Running Back, 1st team SEYL

Greg Torres- Defensive Lineman, 1st team SEYL

Myron Hurd- Linebacker, All Area


Julian Dorado- Offensive Lineman, 1st team SEYL

Myron Hurd- Running Back, 1st team SEYL, 2-time All Area Linebacker and Running Back 1st-team SEYL


Daniel Lee- Defensive Back, All Area

Nathan Jacobson- Offensive Lineman, All Area

Ismael Arrenaviz- Running Back, 1st team SEYL

Paul Brown- Defensive End, 1st team SEYL, 2nd All Area selection, North/South All Star Game

Taylor Myers- Punter, All Area Punter, Quarterback 1st-team SEYL, North /South All Star Game


Matt Rice- Tight End, All Area, 1st team SEYL

Aaron Barriga- Defensive Lineman, All Area, 1st team SEYL

Ismael Arrenaviz- 2 time 1st team SEYL

Anthony Hernandez- Defensive Back, All Area, 1st team All SEYL


Anthony Hernandez- Defensive Back, Linebacker, Utility, 2 time All Area

Jesse Rodriquez- Wide receiver, 1st team SEYL

While the Baker boys received recognition as kickers, Ken Boyce and Brian McClintock (punters) must also be added to the final list based on their average.

Many Alumni, and fans, can make a valid argument for others to be included on this list. Certainly many athletes might have made this list had their statistics, athletic potential and athletic recognition not been hampered by injuries. A few of the many in that category are players like Wade Metcalf, Willie Harris, Tim Hartnett and Ted Pierce to name a few.

It is great to chronicle, reflect and recognize these players who have been accorded special honors for their athletic excellence on the football field. As a coach, I am equally proud of the majority of Foothill Athletes who were just great competitors, team members and over achievers. What they lacked in size, speed and ability was more than overcome with persistence, dedication and heart. They took lessons learned on the football field to become hard working decent citizens who became winners on the Field of Life. While this could number thousands, a few that come to mind are: Dr. William Baker (my doctor), Dr,. John Alexander (my dentist), Judge Mike Lewis, John Cope, Rusty Lewis, General Scott Chambers, Police Chief Steve Brummer, Dr. Joe Thompson (my last Principal), Supervisor Mike Maggard,  Lt. Col Cameron Boyce, Coach Denny Knight…………..maybe you will add more here.

It is hoped this list may also serve to assist in any future selection of athletes considered for a Foothill Athletic Hall of Fame.

I would also like to thank the many wonderful athletes for their efforts they put forth on the field, and the wonderful moments, and the memories they gave me. I also have fond memories of the many fine students I had the good fortune to be associated with at Foothill.

The past and present staff at Foothill welcomes you and hope this 50th Reunion is a special, memorable event for you.

Best Wishes,

Coach Ned Permenter

All-Time John W. McLemore, Jr. Award Winners

1971 Mark Newbrough

1972 Charles Houghton

1973 Mike Maggard

1974 Jeff Houghton

1975 Dan Zauner

1976 Ron Magsby

1977 Gary Parks

1978 Gilbert Tinoco

1979 Matt Cross

1980 Dan Sousa

1981 Tim Hansen

1982 Eddie Finkle

1983 Scott Huley

1984 Richie Grijalva

1985 Paul Hickey

1986 Eddie Romero

1987 Chad Ackerley

1988 Mike DiMario

1989 Anthony Felix

1990 Richard Carmona

1991 Brad Hanson

1992 David Beard

1993 Juan Santos

1994 Clayton Riley

1995 Matt Vinson

1996 Sam Ramirez

1997 Ryan Meloche

1998 Nathan Jacobson

1999 Nathan Jacobson

2000 Anthony Hernandez

2001 Miguel Peralta

2002 Mike Gutierrez

2003 Mike Gutierrez

2005 Raul Rodriguez

2014 Samuel Zepeda

2015 Miguel Dominguez

2016 Anthony Albarran

2017 Ricky Aceves

2018 Jose Gallegos

2019 Jefffery Cuevas