March Gladness

“March Gladness” has come to Foothill in the form of many athletic accomplishments by our student athletes and has no attachment to the current NCAA basketball tournament.  But, Trojan followers have much to be happy about in terms of recent athletic success.

Photo of award winners
Brendan McCabe, Ariana Juarez, Yunique Rosales, Chris Barrios and Malik Tautau

Many have been made aware of the great season had by our girls soccer team and boys basketball team, but there have also been some amazing individual performances by athletes in other sports as well. Last week the Bakersfield Jockey Club named 15 Kern County High School athletes and 5 CSUB athletes to receive awards for outstanding athletic achievement.  Foothill was the leader in this distinguished group by having 5 athletes selected to receive this recognition:

  • Malik Tautau (Boys Basketball, coached by Wes Davis)
  • Brendan McCabe (Boys Wrestling, coached by Anthony Marquez)
  • Ariana Juarez (Girls Wrestling, coached by Anthony Marquez)
  • Chris Barrio (Boys Soccer, coached by Tyrel Rose)
  • Yunique Rosales (Girls Soccer, coached by Gerardo Casteneyra Jr.)
Photo of Coach Wes Davis with Malik Tautau
Coach Wes Davis with Malik Tautau

Each coach introduced their athlete and gave a summary of accomplishments which more than validated the reason they were selected.  All athletes then gave a short speech and were quick to thank their coaches, teammates, family, Hodels and the Jockey Club for their role in receiving such an honor.

For those parents, coaches and athletes not familiar with the Jockey Club, member Lloyd Fries gave a brief history of how it began and transformed over the years. The first meeting was held over 50 years ago in a tiny room at what was Shakey’s Wild West Pizza Parlor.

Photo of Coach Anthony Marquez with Brendan McCabe
Coach Anthony Marquez with Brendan McCabe

With limited funds and membership back then, only 6 awards were given out that year. Now, with help from Hodels, The Coyote Wrestling Club, schools and individual membership sponsors, they are able to give out athletic awards to over 300 athletes a year from all Kern high schools, Bakersfield College and CSUB.

Photo of Proud mother Mataalofa Hubbard enjoying lunch with her son Malik
Proud mother Mataalofa Hubbard and her son, Malik

The Jockey Club board members are comprised of hard-working former coaches, officials, and sports enthusiasts who are dedicated to giving recognition to deserving student athletes. A special thanks goes out to Hodels for allowing this event and providing all honored athletes with their free lunch.

Photo of Jockey Club Board Members
Jockey Club Board Members Jim Tyack, Jerry Scott, Charlie Craig, Hal Eggleston and Lloyd Fries

Hopefully, those who have been able to attend this event, might choose to “pay it forward” and help with sponsoring their future efforts. Congratulations go out not only to these 5 honored FHS athletes, but to all those who have chosen to wear the black and gold and compete in some sport.


Girls Cross Country Wins First Ever Back To Back Valley Championships at Foothill

Photo of Back-to-Back Valley Championship Sweatshirt
Back-to-Back Valley Championship Sweatshirt

What could this team do for an encore after winning a Valley Championship last year? They decided to win back-to-back valley championships and become the first Foothill team to ever accomplish such a feat. Coach Paul Contreras pointed out why this group was even more special as it was also the first girls cross country team to win the league title since 2006.

Photo of team with rings
Valley Championship Girls Cross Country Team

This team set a preseason goal to win another valley championship, but it proved to be no easy task. Every single member of the team suffered some nagging injury during the season, and a few had to train and compete with minor injuries the entire season.  As Coach Contreras stated, “These girls were physically and mentally tough, have a lot of heart, are unselfish and willing to make the needed sacrifices for team success.”

Photo of Coach Paul Contreras
Coach Paul Contreras

Not only are these ladies talented on the course, but they are great citizens and outstanding students in the classroom as well. Their combined GPA was the highest for all Fall sports, and most girls are AP students. Next year the Trojans will miss seniors Rosie Medina, Ana Medel, Virginia Lopez, Sofia Garcia and Jacqueline Barrios. But the team will return junior Gabby Ramos and sophomores Atziri Castellanos, Ariana Juarez and Teresa Marmolejo. With some potential outstanding incoming freshman scheduled to attend Foothill next year, some FHS fans are beginning to wonder if a potential “Three-Peat” might be possible?

Photo of team presented with their rings
Team presented with their rings

Some of these ladies were part of last year’s team that was honored with a standing ovation at the 2017 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Hopefully this year’s team will also grace that same stage, so fans can see what beautiful, classy ladies we have representing Foothill High.

The FHS ring presentation ceremony was a special event to observe. As these ladies were being presented, it was so impressive to see how  courteous, humble, thankful and appreciative they all are. They are real role models for how student-athletes should conduct themselves. This dream group certainly exemplifies all that any coach could ever ask for in a team. Hats off to this team and coaching staff for making us proud to be Trojans.

Photo of rings
Valley Championship rings

While March has been a banner FHS month, we are now set to kick off April by honoring teams and new inductees at our 6th Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.You can get team, inductee and ticket information at our Hall of  Fame web site. This is a great time to be a Trojan!