Sophomore Year of Blog Kicks Off with BBQ Recap and Announcement of 2018 Inductees

What better way to start our second year of blogs than to cover the November 4th HOF Kickoff BBQ that unveiled the 2018 Class of Inductees. This fundraising dinner is always entertaining, and this year did not disappoint!

Teresa Hutson and Pat Carlotti coordinated student help to set up tables, chairs and decorations which transformed Skyline Cabinets’ warehouse into a majestic banquet hall.  John Cope’s cooking crew served up a delicious steak and chicken combo dinner which also included super
hors d’oeuvres and dessert.

Buzz Caffee’s electrical crew supplied the sound system and flat screen TVs which allowed guests to listen to music as well as view old FHS DVDs. This also enabled Pat’s History Club to display their latest techniques in enhancing and adding further documentation to old athletic films by simultaneously putting sound interviews and split-screen images to game film.

The 1978 Championship Foothill-West football game was a classic “nail-biter” that went down to the final play and ended West High’s 21-game win streak. The History Club was able to feature interviews that captured the thoughts and recollections of players and coaches from both teams that night. Preserving these comments will be so instrumental in helping future viewers appreciate and understand the implications and magnitude of that win for Foothill. As a bonus, they also recreated the historic 1978 pre-game poster from the same game that Coach Permenter put on the wall.

President Bill Baker welcomed the crowd and called their attention to the architect drawings that depicted the proposed future Hall of Fame building. The use of this facility to teach students job skills while archiving Foothill memorabilia, will merit an entire future blog.

Dr. Bill Baker gives a pre-game address
Dr. Bill Baker gives a pre-game address

Dr. Baker — who gave the Trojans an inspirational pre-game pep talk prior to their exciting 28-27 overtime win over Mira Monte the night before — also shared a great recap of the game highlights for those who did not attend.

Coach Ingle addresses the "Highway 58 Champion" Trojans
Coach Ingle addresses the “Highway 58 Champion” Trojans

Coach Dan Ingle, still enjoying his first FHS victory and new role as coach of the “Highway 58 Champion” Trojans, thanked everyone for their support and gave his thoughts on this past season and future outlook.

Coach Ingle being introduced
Coach Ingle being introduced

Ned and Joe Turner took the stage for a few jokes before Baby Joe sang “A Country Boy Can Survive” in hopes he might get on The Voice next year and be on Blake Shelton’s team. The Treasure  Chest drawing was won by Joe’s wife, Elaine, who ironically joins Joe’s mother who was our first ever Treasure Chest winner. This Chest featured an autographed football by Notre Dame’s Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Brown, and was donated by Notre Dame’s # 1 fan, Jim Wooster.

Lonnie Shelton autographing the Dr. J poster
Lonnie Shelton autographing the Dr. J poster

Our auction item was a one-of-a-kind large poster photo of NBA great Dr. J (Julius Erving) soaring over our own Lonnie Shelton for a score. Lonnie good-naturedly agreed to sign the poster, but not before he made sure all the fans knew Dr. J was not the man he was guarding!  In some rapid-fire bidding, former FHS player, coach and 2018 Inductee David Reese (BHS Principal) proved he still has loyal FHS ties with a winning $500 bid.

Lonnie Shelton, David Reese and Buzz Caffee
Lonnie Shelton, David Reese and Buzz Caffee

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of 2018 Inductees which was well-coordinated and orchestrated by Dr. John Alexander and Supervisor Mike Maggard. The following individuals and teams are to be inducted on April 7, 2018. A detailed description of their personal achievements and resumes will appear in a later blog:

  • Mike Anderson — Wrestling, Football, Coach
  • Alison Baker — Basketball, Volleyball, Track
  • Tim Hansen — Football
  • David Hill — Track
  • Tim Maples — Football & Contributor
  • Andy Puget — Football, Basketball, Track
  • Rosie Reed — Boxing
  • David Reese — Basketball & Coach
  • Steve Roberts — Coach
  • Steve Smith — Basketball & Track
  • 1976 Boys Basketball Team
  • 1998 Wrestling Team

While this announcement concluded the event, many chose to hang around to help clean up, or just enjoy more fun visiting. Two of FHS’s best all-time quarterbacks, Jason Virrey and Vic Diaz, made sure the after-event was even more enjoyable by continuing to run the bar in their professional, pleasing manner.

Memorabilia table
Memorabilia table

This much-anticipated event brings back “old timers” and welcomes newcomers to the gathering of the Trojan Nation. It is a great opportunity to share old memories, renew friendships, view new memorabilia on display, meet past Inductees, and just bask in the warm hospitality that this event supplies.

My 80th Birthday Cake
My 80th Birthday Cake

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank all of those who were responsible for, and attended my 80th birthday celebration at BCC. Many had a major role, but I am sure the fingerprints of Teresa Hutson and Connie Preston were probably on the original plans. The BCC staff served numerous delicious hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and cake. The birthday cards and kind comments from well-wishers made this new Octogenarian realize what a blessing it was for me to teach/coach at Foothill and acquire so many wonderful friendships.

Later, at our Selection Committee Dinner, I was reminded of just how long I have been connected to Foothill and its alumni. I came to FHS in 1962 as a young 23 year-old teacher.  Fellow HOF Committee members Dr. William Baker, Dr. John Alexander, and Dr. Joe Thompson were young students on campus then! Other members like Joe Padilla, Neil Agness, Jim Wooster and Tim Hartnett were also on campus in the early 60s. How meaningful that we are all still connected to helping Foothill some 55 years later.

I have served on numerous committees in my life, but none compare to what we have within our FHS Hall of Fame Committee.  This group is comprised of the most unselfish, hard-working, loyal and dedicated people I have ever known. They work long hours and have very busy schedules, yet they find the time to donate their time, energy and money to assist in preserving Foothill’s rich athletic heritage, help current teams and provide resources to enable future FHS students better opportunities to lead full and productive lives. But, on the flip side of having some mature, sage member’s insight…… the realization we need to constantly recruit younger energetic members to replace older members who will eventually leave Committee service. We certainly welcome any who would care to learn more about serving on the Hall of Fame Committee.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we all need to pause and be thankful we live in this great nation where we enjoy so many blessings. I am so thankful for the many accomplishments of this wonderful group, and the best is yet to come. Hope to see you all on April 7th. Go Trojans!