FHS History Club is Next to Make History

Foothill alumni should be proud of our new FHS History Club that is dedicated to preserving significant memorabilia which has become part of our rich heritage and legacy since 1962.  The History Club made its small debut in May 2015 under the supervision and direction of Pat Carlotti, Joey Biron, and Ty Rose.  Inasmuch as the Hall of Fame had already begun to preserve and archive our athletic history, the History Club saw a real need to also preserve memorabilia beyond the scope of athletics.

Interviewing long-time staff member Elaine Conley
Interviewing long-time staff member Elaine Conley

A primary objective was to video interview as many “early teachers” as possible to capture their recollections of FHS as a new school. As these interviews progressed, former students were also asked to share their memories.  Video interviews that will be available soon include:

  • Ned Permenter (Teacher, Coach)
  • Harvel Pollard (Teacher, Coach)
  • Ann Mickelson Gallon (Librarian)
  • Dorothy Morey (Teacher, Coach, Flag Team)
  • Joe Fontaine (Teacher)
  • Steve Roberts (Teacher, Coach)
  • Buzz Caffee (Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director)
  • Dave Edmondson (Teacher, Coach)
  • Ted Oliver (Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director)
  • Elaine Conley (Teacher)
  • Joe Thompson (Student-Athlete, Teacher, Principal)
  • Teresa Hutson (Student, Teacher, Coach, Activities Director)
  • Joe Turner (Student-Athlete, Coach)
  • Dante Stancil (Student-Athlete)
  • Lonnie Shelton (Student-Athlete)
  • Jim Wooster (Student-Athlete, Coach)
  • Ryan Valencia (Student-Athlete)
  • Gary Johnson (Teacher, Coach)

Upon hearing some of these interviews, other staff members and alumni have been motivated to share stories while others decided to donate memorabilia (photographs, clippings, yearbooks, rooter ribbons, grad programs, letters etc.). Now the daunting task looming on the horizon is how to find the space and equipment to store and archive these materials.

Interview of former principal, Dr. Joe Thompson
Interview of former principal, Dr. Joe Thompson

Technology is changing rapidly. Early cavemen and Native Americans used stick figures and petroglyphs to pass on their history to future generations.  Early FHS students did their research from library books, and then wrote such reports with a pen or typewriter. Teachers produced tests and class material with a typewriter, carbon paper or ditto masters.  To view a film in the classroom was a real treat.

Interview crew and current track throwers with Lonnie Shelton
Interview crew and current track throwers with Lonnie Shelton

Fast forward 50 years, and we have transformed into a highly sophisticated, electronic, digital society where students consider IPhones, computers, printers, video cameras, TVs, and a variety of other electronic services as the norm.

Hall of Fame President, Dr. William Baker, has shared our vision of having an on-campus building that will contain state of the art electronic equipment that will enable students to document, share, and archive old films, photos, clippings and other memorabilia. This would allow the History Club to become a class with school credit given, while teaching students the complex, ever-changing technological skills that

Setting up for the Teresa Hutson interview
Setting up for the Teresa Hutson interview

will greatly enhance their job opportunities upon entering the future technological workforce.

Supervisor Pat Carlotti is not only a fine social studies teacher with a great world travel resume, he is also a veteran FHS football and track coach.  Pat is the only person who can claim to have coaching ties to every FHS football staff with the exception of Harvel Pollard 1962-64.

The original interview: Ned Permenter
The original interview: Ned Permenter

The last two years, my Friday night ritual has been to treat Coach Carlotti to a meal at a different restaurant each week before attending the FHS football game.  During dinner, I often question Pat about The State of The Trojan Nation. I am convinced we still have dedicated teachers and students who are helpful and want to learn. This History Club has those energetic students who are eager to learn from, and preserve, the great historic FHS legacy.  But, this club is hampered by the fact they have limited time, and resources, to perform all future archiving aspects properly.

It would be a most-welcomed blessing if there are any alumni who might be in a position to help the Hall of Fame in facilitating the goal of providing a well-equipped on-campus building.

For those who were unable to view our most recent Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony—you would be  amazed at what the Trojan Nation has been able to accomplish! And the best is yet to come—Go Trojans!