Welcome to Coach Permenter’s Replay Booth, the official blog of the Foothill High School Athletic Hall of Fame!

The Foothill High School Athletic Hall of Fame committee has enlisted Coach Ned Permenter to write an entertaining, monthly blog to create more alumni interest and expand our community of supporters. Coach Permenter requires no introduction, but we’d like to quickly highlight his legendary contributions to Foothill, because well, he deserves it.

Coach Permenter was part of the inaugural class of inductees to the Foothill High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2013. He lead the Trojan football program for 40 years and remains an active supporter off all things “Foothill”. Coach has an all-time coaching record of 220-157-9, placing him 3rd all-time in wins in the CIF Central section. He coached 150 all-city, all-league and all-area players, as well as 34 players who would go on to play Division I football and 14 who played in the NFL.

What you may not know is that Coach Permenter is a natural historian. He has been collecting Foothill memorabilia for decades. Football programs, news clippings, films, stat-sheets, photos, jerseys – you name it, he has it. He also has more than half-a-century of stories that bring the physical artifacts to life. Add this extensive physical and mental archive, to Coach’s writing abilities (he authored a regular column in the Trojan Football News for many years – something else you may not have known), and we land at the real reason that the Foothill High School Athletic Hall of Fame, and this blog, are possible. We are forever grateful to Coach Permenter, and instead of paying him back, we’ve asked for more.

Now, back to the purpose of this blog…

The blog will feature news and announcements about events taking place at Foothill High and in our Hall of Fame, as well as inspiring stories, memorable anecdotes and fun trivia that preserve, promote and celebrate the rich heritage and tradition of successful athletic programs at Foothill High School. While led by the infamous Coach Permenter, this blog will include guest bloggers, and hopefully, a lot of alumni input.

The determination of three alumni input categories was formulated after  Coach Permenter attended and spoke at the recent Class of 1966 reunion, and noticed that threads of conversation centered around three main themes:

  • Where Are They Now?
    A great opportunity to share information about what our alumni are doing now. Many have done amazing things since graduating that deserve attention. Our hope is that reading about the successes of alumni will also stimulate nomination activity and the Hall of Fame’s ability to locate inductees.
  • My Most Memorable Moment
    What was your most memorable high school moment or experience? Did it occur in band, drama, athletics, clubs, at a big game, at a formal, or as a cheer leader or class/student body officer? What was it like to be selected cheerleader, team MVP, scholarship winner, the leading role in a play? Or to receive the college-of-your-choice acceptance letter, or have your pig take first at the Fair?
  • My High School Hero
    Who was that special person in high school you admired, looked up to or made your life better? Was it a teacher, coach, counselor, staff member, classmate, teammate or other? You would be surprised how nice it is to hear good news about those who make a difference.

You’ll notice that all themes will require alumni input. Coach Permenter and the Hall of Fame committee invite alumni and supporters to share stories, memories and anecdotes via email. And because we know your wheels may be turning now, here are the instructions for nominating a candidate for Hall of Fame induction. (Hint, hint.)

We hope you enjoy. Go Trojans!